Bad Gingerbread House Bakeoff

Bad Gingerbread House Bakeoff

CALLING ALL BAD BAKERS!!!  It’s time again for the 2nd annual Bad Gingerbread House Bakeoff!

This is not yo momma’s bake-off! There are pretty much no limits on themes and content, but the guidelines are:

  • The base house must be made of gingerbread cookies, crackers or similar food items
  • Decorations can be anything…candy, frosting, toys, spraypaint, rocks, nails, whatevs, etc
  • No fire, hateful content or anything dangerous to the patrons, please (cussin’ words & nudity OK)
  • Base cannot exceed 18 inches square but can be as high as you want

NOTE: The whole thing does NOT need to be edible and we hope peeps don’t even want to try!

HOW IS THE WINNER SELECTED? This competition is entirely voter’s choice! Upon entry, each patron will receive three stickers to place on the title cards of their choice entries. Around midnight when the Christmahanakwanza Variety Show is over, the sticker voting will end and the one with the most stickers wins!

WHAT’S THE PRIZE? The winner gets $50 in Krampbucks that can be used to purchase gifts in the Naughty List Bazaar or enter to win DAMNED art in the Not-So-Silent Art Auction! (Sorry, Krampbucks are not redeemable for cash)

WHAT’S THE ENTRY FEE? Nothing! Nada! It’s FREE to enter!

HOW DO I ENTER? To register, just fill out the form below.  You don’t have to have any plans or ideas yet, but we just want to have a basic idea how many are participating.  Further information, such as drop off and pickup, will be sent to all registrants upon approval.

Bad GBH Entry Form

Thank you for your interest and stay naughty!

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