Naughty List Bazaar


The Naughty List Bazaar


Looking for gifts for the “naughty” on your list? There’s no “nicer” way to give during the holidays than to buy local at the Naughty List Bazaar!

And to help make this a Black Friday you WON’T regret, with your donation admission, you will receive a coupon worth $5 off your purchase of $25 or more at any bazaar booth!

Naughty List Bazaar – Artist Submission Form

If you are a Detroit area artist and have small art items to sell, we welcome you to submit for consideration to participate in the Naughty List Bazaar!  Spaces are limited to only 21 so all submissions will be curated to ensure the widest variety and diversity of merchandise.  If accepted, spaces are $30 for center floor and $45 for wall with no commissions taken, however there is one main condition:

To help encourage sales, all merchants must honor a ticket given to each patron for $5 off their purchase of $25 or more, if presented.

Please note that your art does NOT have to be holiday themed or oriented.  If interested in participating, please use the form below to send your details and JPGs of the art you will be selling for review.  We will contact all who submitted by November 13th on our decisions.  Further specifications, such as load-in times, will be sent to those who are approved for space registration.  For questions, contact us here.

Please provide details on your items, including general prices.
Now provide a few links where we can review your work.

Thank you for your interest and stay naughty!