Charity Benefits

Krampus Charity Benefits

From its inception in 2011, Krampus Night was designed with one main focus in mind…to immerse within the holiday spirit of giving (in our own way) by helping those in need within the city we play in and love.  With that focus, we reached out to two charities we felt would help reach those who need it the most…Burners Without Borders Detroit and Toys For Tots Detroit.

Toy & Food Card Drive

Bring in a new unwrapped toy or $5 fast food gift card and get in on the cheap (and some good feels)!  Your toy donations will go directly to a Toys For Tots center to be given to children in need of some holiday happiness.  And your food card donations will go to Burners Without Borders, whose sole mission is to help feed and clothe those in need on our city streets through the hand packing and one-on-one giving of survival backpacks.

Silent Art Auction 

Various gracious artist from the DAMNED Exhibition, the Krampus Bazaar and elsewhere have generously donated amazing pieces of art, merchandise and other items for auction.  100% of the auction funds also benefit Burners Without Borders Detroit to help purchase much needed supplies for their survival backpacks.

Burners Without Borders Detroit 

“Creating random acts of kindness and service to Detroit Homeless one supply-filled backpack at a time.”

As we all know, Detroit is on hard economic times and it’s getting harder. This is a perfect time for grassroots community building. This is when organizing our community to network with other organizations in and around Detroit to help those in need is most important.

Detroit Burners without Borders is an opportunity to help others in your area. You do not need to give money, but instead, give of yourself. We get out and interact with the needy that not only provides much needed assistance and supplies, but also leads to building stronger communities, real-life networking (get off the net!) and create new friendships with others you might not otherwise come in contact.

If we, as concerned and proactive citizens, get together to combine forces to volunteer, support and assist others, we will succeed in not only building a stronger city and community but also spreading hope to those who will hopefully be motivated to do the same.

So won’t you join us in our up coming events and please brainstorm with us on ways that we can continue to help others! Who in your city do you see that needs help? What organization could use a robust crew of like-minded citizens to come in and help them on a project? These events could be one-time or ongoing…it matters not. What matters is that they are!!!

Be the change you wish to see in Detroit!  Visit Burners Without Borders online at:

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