Wreck The Halls


 2019 WTH Films & Filmmakers 

  • All the Fellas I Haven’t Kissed” – Emily Soppe (2019 Georgia 4:07)
    When a girl works up the courage to ask out the cute guy at the bar, she gets more than she bargained for.
  • Christmas Gift” – Grigoriy Mironov (2019 Canada 2:43)
    Santa wants to make a surprise by putting the gifts. But children noticed him and decided to take the gifts from Santa right now.
  • Hard Christmas” – Jamie Sundance (2019 United Kingdom 5:26)
    An embarrassing Christmas gift is sent to the family home. Alec must discreetly retrieve the gift.
  • The Carol Heard ‘Round the World” – Isaias Zai Gallardo (2016 Texas 4:45)
    A group of dysfunctional Christmas carolers find the meaning of Christmas. Sort of.

Also part of the Wreck The Halls showcase that will be spread around the venue are the holiday-ish creative outcomes of:

  1. The Krampus Redecoration Anticrafting Party (KRAP)!!!
  2. The Bad Gingerbread House Competition!! (still open)
  3. And the Fugly Holiday Sweater Competition!!!! (still open)

So clicky those links above and get in on the artsy fun!!!!! However, if you have any holiday-ish installations or animatronics in mind for us, contact us!

Merry Krampus!