Wreck The Halls


 2018 WTH Films & Filmmakers 

  • Jingle Hell – Aleksi Puranen (2017 Finland 13:40)
    A man dressed up as Santa Claus prepares for the last Santa gig on Christmas Eve and he’s about to find out who’s been naughty.
  • Krampusnacht – Stephen Gilliam (2017 Georgia 10:24)
    A young woman and her little brother seek help from a priest after finding strange things around their home on the 12 days leading up to Christmas.
  • The Christmas Bull – Rosie Jones (2018 United Kingdom 09:55)
    A darkly comic, ‘Tis the Season tale, about a young lad and his retribution for bad behavior.
  • The Last Day of Christmas – Stuart Black (2017 United Kingdom 04:41)
    Enjoy some cool yule absurdity with a little sting in the tail. Inspired by Roald Dahl, Hitchcock and Dr Seuss.
  • Tis the Season – Kirsten Stuck (2013 Wisconsin 01:36)
    An animation comprised solely of holiday greeting cards offering a somewhat “different” feeling towards the holiday season.

Also part of the Wreck The Halls showcase that will be spread around the venue are the holiday-ish creative outcomes of:

  1. The Krampus Redecoration Anticrafting Party (KRAP)!!! (still open)
  2. The Bad Gingerbread House Competition!! (still open)
  3. And the Fugly Holiday Sweater Competition!!!! (still open)

So clicky those links above and get in on the artsy fun!!!!!

However, if you have any holiday-ish installations or animatronics in mind for us, contact us!

Merry Krampus!