Wreck The Halls



Sure you’ve seen holiday displays of cheery seasonal art, festive twinkling lights and adorable character animatronics. THIS IS NOT THOSE THINGS! The 7th annual Wreck The Halls® (WTH) exhibition is the “not-so-holiday” holiday show where local artists create and build the holiday monstrosities they always wanted to build and you always wanted to see! The exhibition will be spread out all over the venue.  And again, WTH includes a bad gingerbread house competition!

2017 WTH Artists

Brian “Weirdartist” Lewandowski
Candita Byington
Clinton Meister
Debbee Lotito
Erin Kruczek
Jesse James aka Djinni
Julie Fournier
K. Marie
Mark Jackson
Steve Czapiewski

 2017 WTH Films & Filmmakers 

  • Attack of the Rubber Santa Claus Monster! – MCR/ELECTRIC OTTO (2016 Michigan 1min )
    A Santa Monster from Outer Space with a Gooey Face and a Menace to the Human Race!
  • Chihuahua Man! – Sam Casserly (2017 United Kingdom 5min )
    It’s Christmas Day and Chloe is meeting her future father-in-law for the first time, who has a condition that will turn Christmas lunch upside down!
  • Nutty Christmas – Kyoyoung Na, Yoon-Sun Hyun (2017 Hawaii 3min )
  • Santa and The Thief – Bless Williams (2017 3min )
    A fickle thief decides to burglarize a house on Christmas eve.
  • Shelf Elf – Brett Smith (2014 Kentucky 9min )
    Hang your stockings. Say your prayers. This is Shelf Elf, that little creep that floods your Facebook and Twitter feeds every December. This Christmas, all will be shelved!
  • The Other Side of Christmas – Benjamin Strack (2016 New York 15min )
    The evil Krampus attempts to win his annual bet with Santa. If Krampus succeeds in turning a good kid evil, will he have the heart to spare the kid from punishment?
  • Truth – Nina Guzman (2017 Illinois 6min )
    Christmas Eve is a time of hope, love, magic… and lust? At least that’s what 30 year old, Sophia Tuner believed when she went to escape her life as a divorcee, and spend the holiday with her parents.

Merry Krampus!