Fugly Sweater Contest


THINK you have an ugly sweater?  Is it FUGLY? (Google it if you don’t know what that is) Now’s your chance to prove it in our 2nd annual ever:


Hit that thrift store! Slap on some holiday crap! Glue on some disturbing things and light it up! We want to see the worst things ever imaginable on a human body!

What are the rules?  None!

How do you enter?  Just show up and prepare to get on stage around 10:45pm during intermission of the Christmahanakwanza Variety Show.

How do you win?  The winner is selected by who gets the most and loudest cat calls!

What’s the prize?  $50 in Krampbucks to purchase gifts in the Naughty List Bazaar, enter to win art in the Not-So-Silent art auction or to buy booze for you and your boozy friends at the bar.

Merry Krampus and Stay Naughty!