WTH7 Shipping Info

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+ Art Shipping Information +

All art shipments must be received by: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24 2017

If there will be any delays past this date, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know. Otherwise, any art arriving past this date may not be guaranteed placement within the exhibition.


    • YOU MUST ARRANGE RETURN SHIPPING:  You must include a method for returning your artwork in case your art does not sell.  We do not pay return shipping fees.  One method is to include a check (made to Krampus Night) in US funds for the same amount it cost to ship it to us.  Otherwise, we will contact you afterwards for PayPal payment of estimated shipping fees.  Any work left behind after 30 days of unsuccessful return attempts will become the property of Krampus Night.
    • ALL ART MUST INCLUDE OUR ART INFO LABEL.  Please make sure our label is affixed with tape on the back of each piece.  You may download the label to print and fill out here:  Art Info Label
    • ALL SHIPPED ART MUST BE WELL PACKAGED:  The preferred method is to make a bubble-wrap pouch with the opening secure by masking tape that is easy to open and reuse if needed.  Double protect all corners to protect from shipper drops as they always happen.  DO NOT USE PACKING PEANUTS as they create a huge unneeded mess for us when unpacking.  If your art sells, all packaging will go with the purchaser of your artwork, otherwise your art will be returned in the same packaging it was sent in.
    • BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS IF SHIPPING GLASS.  If your work is behind or includes glass, we strongly recommended that you remove it from the frame or piece and bubble wrap it separately within the same box.  If possible, consider using plexi-glass instead.  If broken during shipment, sharp pieces may further damage your artwork.
    • MARK YOUR PACKAGING:  Please help us identify your are when it arrives by writing your artist name clearly in black marker on the outside of your boxes, packaging and bubble wrap, separate from the address label.
    • DO NOT SHIP YOUR ART TO THE VENUE.  We do not own the venue and no DAMNED staff will be there to accept your art.  The proper shipping address is below.  Sending to the venue may result in your art becoming damaged or lost and we will not be responsible.
  • DO NOT CONTACT THE VENUE:  Again, we do not own the venue and no DAMNED staff will be there to assist you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

Please send your shipments to:

Krampus Night 7
26300 Ford Rd #214
Dearborn Heights, MI
48127 USA

ARTIST: (your artist name)

Once we have received your shipment and inspected the art, we will email you on the status of its arrival.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

And please note again to include some form of return shipping in case your art remains unsold.  Any art left unclaimed after 30 days becomes the property of Krampus Night.

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