A big Krampy thanks to you all!


15268095_1121635374600834_2761940997787511472_nTHANK YOU ALL for making the 6th annual Krampus Night® charity benefit extravaganza an amazing night and success!! With your help, we collected three 55-gallon drums full of toys and an SUV full of canned food that tested the strength of our suspension system…great job everyone! And through the generous art donations of DAMNED and Corpus Illuminata artists, the art auction raised over $1,100 for Burners without Borders Detroit that will greatly help feed and clothe the homeless on our cold city streets

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Much deep gratitude goes to always awesome staff of Tangent Gallery for graciously hosting our event this year and allowing us to Kramp up the place!

Great thanks also goes to all the amazing artists and gingerbread house-wreckers of the Wreck The Halls® exhibition, as well as the wonderful merchants of the Krampus Bazaar! And much much thanks to the naughty crafting of the Krampus Recrafting Antidecoration Party (KRAP) for the awesomely disturbing “holiday” crafts that decorated the venue!

A hearty bow goes to the hilarious and talented performers of the Christmahanakwanza Variety Show Spectacular… Satori Circus, Lushes Lamoan, Sofia Syntaxx, Bootsie La Fontaine, Scott Dambacher and Konrad Lee!  And a hearty howl into the air goes to the big man himself, Krampus, conjured to life by the insanely talented Luke MacGilvray!

Also a naughty salute to Noir Leather for the use of their throne for Krampus!

And most of all….THANK YOU who attended and made this all one fantastic night of fun and naughtiness! We look forward to doing this again next year. And once more, join our newsletter or Facebook group to be notified!

(Photo by Ed Ballotts)